10 Things that should always be verified before launching your Site Store Pro enabled online store.

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    After integrating Site Store Pro into your website and adding your products through the web-based admin system, you should verify the following items have been completed before launching your new online store to the public.

    (Listed in Order Of Importance)



    1. Verify the sample store default shopping cart images such as the ‘My Shopping Cart’ , ‘Accepted Payments’, ‘Continue Shopping’, ‘Clear Cart’, ‘Update Cart’, and ‘Checkout Now’ have been changed (if required) to reflect your website design scheme.
    2. Verify that the default copyright in the sample store design footer has been changed to your company’s copyright information.
    3. Verify that the emails in the web-based admin system have been modified from their default configuration to reflect your online store’s content. Specific elements that should ALWAYS been edited in the default emails are:  THE FROM EMAIL ADDRESS, THE COPYRIGHT INFORMATION and the EMAIL SIGNATURE line(s).  You should also verify that the content in the email that describes the purpose, etc. of the message reflects your business processes.
    4. Verify that your shipping rules have been setup in the admin and that ALL products that should be charged shipping have a product weight set and that “Charge Shipping For This Item” set to ‘Yes’ in the General Info tab of the item(s) in the admin product manager.
    5. Verify that your checkout provider type is enabled in the ‘Store Setup>Checkout URL, SSL Settings & Payment Provider Selection’ section in the admin. (i.e. PayPal Standard, Authorize.net, etc.)
    6. Verify that your account information with the selected checkout provider is set under the checkout provider’s configuration screen in the admin. (i.e. your account #, etc)
    7. Setup your SSL or Shared SSL in the admin under ‘Store Setup>Checkout URL, SSL Settings & Payment Provider Selection’ if you will be taking credit card information from the customer on your website and then passing this information to a payment provider. (i.e. Authorize.net, PayPal Pro, etc).  If you have access to a SSL certificate, we recommend setting the checkout URL to https:// even if you will not be collecting credit card information on your site. If you set the checkout URL to SSL mode, the myaccount area login will automatically be secured as well as the account registration.
    8. Place test (demo) orders in either the ‘test’ mode for your selected payment provider or the Site Store Pro checkout DEMO-MODE to verify that the store’s checkout process contains the correct information and that the registration and order confirmation emails are configured with the correct content.
    9. Set your specific checkout provider to LIVE mode under the configuration screen for the provider in the web-based admin
    10. We highly recommend setting one of your items to $1.00 (one dollar) and completing a LIVE transaction with your checkout provider before launching to the public.  Although your checkout system may operate correctly in the checkout provider’s test mode, it may not be activated correctly on their end in live mode. Placing a test order for $1.00 will confirm that your account is ready to receive LIVE orders from customers. (After completing your test order, make sure that you reset the price from 1.00 to the correct rate before launching the store.)
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