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    The order options page has been combined with the order review page in Site Store Pro PHP.

    This help topic is only relevant to Site Store Pro ASP installations.

    The checkout order options page content is managed in the web-based admin by clicking on the ‘Store Setup’ tab and then ‘Checkout Order Options Selection (Gift Wrap, Comments, Shipping, and Billing)’

    The order options page is located at /checkout/order_options.asp. The following features are included on the order options page:

    Alternate Shipping Address: If enabled by the admin, the customer can select if they want to enter an alternate delivery address for their order.

    Real-time Shipping Rate Selection: If enabled in the shipping configuration manager, the customer can select from available UPS, USPS and/or FedEx rate options. Note: If flat rate shipping is enabled,  this section is hidden and the flat rate amount is not displayed until the order review page. The shipping selection (preference) section will also be hidden if there are no items in the shopping cart that require shipping.

    Billing Address Input Fields:  The customer can enter their billing information on the order options page if the billing address form is set to appear on this page instead of the registration form  (default and recommended setting). Billing information form will not appear for sites using PayPal Standard or Google Checkout.

    Credit Card Billing Information: The credit card input form will be displayed for all payment providers except PayPal Standard and Google Checkout. The credit card input form content is formatted on the active payment provider’s configuration screen.

    Order Comments: If enabled in the admin screen, the customer can enter comments in the order option page that will be saved with the order to aid in fulfillment, provide input on the store experience, etc.

    Order Gift Wrapping Option: If enabled by the admin, the customer can select from available gift wrapping choices and enter an optional message to the recipient. (Gift wrap message will be displayed on the order details page in the admin for order processing purposes). Note: Complete-order gift wrapping is different than the item-level gift wrapping option. Both gift wrapping features should not be active at the same time to prevent the customer from being double-charged for gift wrapping.

    The order options page is formatted by:  css/site_store_pro_checkout_order_options.css

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