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    Site Store Pro was specifically created to integrate seamlessly into Dreamweaver-created websites.

    Site Store Pro is not a typical template-driven ecommerce system where the site design is limited to pre-defined layouts and design elements.

    Instead, Site Store Pro is based on Dreamweaver template (.dwt) files where the look and feel of all pages in the Site Store Pro ecommerce application can be quickly modified to match your website design by simply editing the included Dreamweaver template .(dwt) files.


    Please note that versions prior to June 2013 had all content except the top navigation bar (include file) embedded in the DWT file.

    However, after June 2014, the DWT files use additional design include files for common page elements.

    The design includes are located in the /design_includes/ folder. Note: if you do not see references to the design include files when viewing the DWT files in Dreamweaver, simply switch to ‘Code View’ and you will see how the page is built using the include files.

    The inclusion of design include files allows easier updating of common page elements without having to repost the entire page that is associated with a DWT file. The video below is based on the previous (non-include) file DWT design integration. The design integration of versions installed after June 2014 follows the same principles. However, common page elements can be updated independently from the DWT by editing the specific include file(s) in the /design_includes/ folder.




    Dreamweaver Template Files And Site Store Pro Dreamweaver Installation Screen Shot


    Note: Dreamweaver is not required for using Site Store Pro but it is recommended. Dreamweaver users will be able to easily change the default (sample) store page(s) design by simply editing the .dwt files. The process is much more efficient than editing the ecommerce pages individually with other WYSIWYG HTML editors.

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