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    When editing an email profile, the following common elements can be managed through the unified email management form in the web-based admin:


    • Email Subject Link
    • From Email Address (Sender’s Email)
    • Header Image
    • Main Email Message Body
    • Email Footer
    • Email Signature
    • Footer Image

    Note: One (1) profile must be set as ACTIVE for every message type (except custom) at all times. Even if you are not using a specific message type (i.e. you are not accepting wholesale registrations or using the Rewards Program), the message type must still be set as ACTIVE.

    Below is a screen shot of a sample email profile edit form:

    Note: The Tell-A-Friend, Order Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation and Order Reminder message profiles contain data variable “placeholders”. Variable placeholders are enclosed in brackets [ ] . Example [OrderID] will populate the placeholder with the actual Order ID # when the message is auto-generated and sent to the customer.  We do not recommend moving or deleting any variable placeholder in the email profiles.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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