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    This feature has been depracated and is now longer offered in new versions of Site Store Pro.

    If your version contains this feature, please read disclaimer below before using it…

    Important Notice Regarding Email List Mailing: Before sending bulk (list) messages from your web-based admin system, consult your web host’s policy on sending mass mailers from their network.

    To prevent SPAM, many web hosting companies will automatically deactivate an account that sends mass emails without prior permission and/or exceed the maximum # of outbound messages in a specific time period.

    The built-in email list sending engine in Site Store Pro is not-designed for large email lists and is included primarily for sending out order notifications and other auto-generated messages to individual users.

     For list mailing performance, detailed email campaign reports and to prevent account deactivation by your webhosting company, we highly recommended using a 3rd party list mailing service provider when sending more than 200 messages at a time.

     Email lists can be easily exported from this system and then imported into a dedicated list server system.

    For small customer lists, you can send out message(s) that are marked as a ‘custom message’ using the links on the bottom of the ‘Emails’ manager page.

    You can send a custom message type to the entire retail user list or the entire wholesale user list using the list mailing links.


    Below is a screen shot of the simple list mailing interface built-into the web-based admin:

    Note: There are no activity reports such as receipt percentage, bounce rate, etc. when using the built-in list mailer.  For detailed list mailing reporting, please export your email list and use a dedicated list service provider.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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