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    The General Order discount type is most often used to mark down ALL items on the store for a temporary site-wide sale. (To mark specific brands, categories, subcategories or collections, use the Category | SubCat | Style type)

    For example, to mark down ALL items on the store by 25% for a “Memorial Day” sale, follow these steps:

    1)     Select ‘General Order Discount’ as the “Discount Type”.

    2)     Enter A Name For The Discount. (i.e. “Memorial Day Weekend Sale : 25 % Off Everything!”)

    3)     Select ‘Percent Of (%)’ as the “Discount Value Type”

    4)     Enter 25 in the “Enter Discount Value” field.

    5)     Enter any criteria (order min / max limits) in the ‘General Order Discount Filter Limits’ section.

    6)     Select a discount ‘Start’ and ‘Expiration’ dates.

    7)     Set the discount rule to ‘Active’ by checking box at the bottom of the form.



    Note: Every discount type can be set to have either a percentage or specific value discount.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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