How do i set a product to be on sale (special)?

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    Items that are set as “OnSpecial” will be displayed in the “specials” section on the /store/default.asp page. (Special section must be enabled in the Default.asp page configuration screen for items that are marked as “On Special” to appear.)

    The Special item selection is located in the ‘General Info’ section of the Product Manager.

    Items that are set as “On Special” will remain on the /store/defaut.asp page specials section until they are unset as featured or disabled. Any item (product or event) can be set as “On Special”

    Below is screen shot of the sale features on the ‘General Info’ tab of an item…

    Item On Special : Selects Item To Be A Sale Item
    Item Special Type: Type Of Sale Item (see below)
    Special Price: Sale Price Of The Item

    Below is the URL link format you would use to view specific special types of sale items…

    ·         Clearance : /Store_results.asp?SpecialsType=1&estore_filter=1&Section=Clearance&Special=1

    ·         Daily:  /Store_results.asp?SpecialsType=2&estore_filter=1&Section=Daily%20Specials&Special=1

    ·         Weekly: /Store_results.asp?SpecialsType=3&estore_filter=1&Section=Weekly%20Specials&Special=1

    ·         Monthly: /Store_results.asp?SpecialsType=4&estore_filter=1&Section=Monthly%20Specials&Special=1

    ·         Display ALL sale items:  /Store_results.asp?estore_filter=1&Section=Current%20Specials&Special=1

    Note: You can change the Section Querystring  (URL) value to custom name the sale item(s) results page.

    To quickly view / manage all items that are currently on sale (special),  you can also use the Specials screen in the Discounts manager.

    To access, click on the ‘Discounts’ tab and then click on the ‘Clearance Items (Specials)’ link on the left column.

    The Specials ‘Quick Selection’ manager will allow you to quickly change special prices on items and disable current sale items without having to edit each item individually using the product manager.


    Screen shot the sample specials display on store:

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