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    The MailChimp API code plugs into the customer account manager module insert and update functions and provides seemless integration between your online store customer database and your MailChimp Email list.
    The following email fields will be created or updated on your list automatically if you enable the Mail Chimp API:
    Email Address
    First Name
    Last Name
    If the customer chooses to opt-in during registration or opt-in/opt-out anytime from their account manager, their account will be automatically updated on
    You should export your current online store customer email list from your admin and import it to your MailChimp List before or right after you install the MailChimp plug-in.
    The plug-in will only synchonize new emails and when an existing customer updates their opt-in preferences. Your original (past) online store emails must be imported into your MailChimp list unless they have already been imported previously.
    To export your current opt-in emails from your online store, login to /estore_admin/, click on the ‘Reports’ tab and then click on ‘Export All Customer Emails (CSV)’.
    The exported CSV file can be easily imported into your MailChimp list from inside your MailChimp Accout Manager (list import functon).
    Configuration Settings:
    Enable Mail Chimp API: Check box to turn on the Mail Chimp API.
    MailChimp APIKey = Mail Chimp API Key Is Available Under Account > API Keys and Info In Your MAilChimp.Com Account
    MailChimp Unique ListID = Mail Chimp UniqueList ID is Available under List Settings > List Settings & Unique ID (At bottom of page) in Your Account
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