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    This feature is for Site Store Pro ASP only. Site Store Pro PHP allows unlimited form fields and uses an integrated form manager that allows management of all form element types on one screen.

    Up to 5 custom radio groups can be added to the registration forms to collect specific data from the customer. The radio groups are labeled and turned ON using the registration form content manager.

    Radio groups are most often used for true/false or yes/no types of questions. Unlike checkboxes, only one selection can be made with a radio group.

    If you want to add a question to the registration form that requires multiple options (selections) to be selected and submitted by the customer, it is recommended to use the checkboxes feature.

    Specific selections (choices) for the radio groups are entered/edited by clicking on Store Setup >  ‘User Registration Configuration & Content (Retail | Wholesale)’ and then the clicking on the specific radio group (1-5) that was enabled on the form content manager. (Radio group links are on bottom of page)

    Below is a screen shot of the radio groups management screen for one of the radio groups:

    Note: Each radio group (1-5) must be enabled on the form content manager and then options (selections) added for every registration form type (Retail (Account Registration), Event, Wholesale).

    Adding options for one registration form type (as shown above) will not add the same selections to the other form types.

    When adding an selection to a checkbox-type question you will see the screen below:

    This screen will allow you to select which form that selection should appear (Retail, Wholesale, Event) and the selection properties explained below:

    Radio Button Label: This is the text the user will see next to the radio selection.
    Selection Value: This is the value that will be saved when the user submits their form.
    Menu Ordering Value: This is the ‘sort’ order of the selection (numbers only).

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