Site Store Pro PayPal Support Plan | Cart License


Includes direct access to our support team, all PayPal payments premium plugins included, free installation and design integration assistance of the cart for up to four installs. Also includes a free development credit to add a non-supported payment processor as a custom plugin.

Support Plan Duration: 3 Years*

Price: $269.95

*All support plans provide direct assistance with your store / website design integration and we can advise you on the best and most efficient way to setup your categories, items and store settings.  We can also directly assist you in setting up your shipping and discount rules as well as configuring your payment provider(s).

The above shopping cart support plan/license does not include individual item addition(s)/product text copy creation, import of items from another shopping cart and/or photography / graphics work.  (Note: the system does include a built-in products import tool for importing a CSV file list of items.)

If you need would like us to actually create/add your products,  convert a current product's list into a compatible import file, create your product images/site graphics and/or photograph your items, please contact sales for a custom e-commerce project quote. We also provide full site design services as well for customer's who need a complete, turn-key e-commerce package.