Site Store Pro Shopping Cart Pricing & Support Options

Although the cart framework download is free, there are no third-party payment providers (processors/gateways) enabled in the default installation package. If you plan on accepting payments from customers and/or want direct support for your installation, the following options are available: Support Plan, Payment Plugin Purchase, Develop Custom Payment Plugin.

Support plans include all the payment processor plugins for the specific plan type, direct tech support, free installation(s) and design integration assistance. Support plans are 3 or 5 years in duration and include priority issue resolution (24/7 tickets plus phone support privileges). Support plan (license) holders get priority on all support issues plus we can directly access your server for troubleshooting, training, etc. Support plans include support for all versions (platforms) of the shopping cart (Dreamweaver, Designer and WordPress (WPCartPro)). You can use any platform you choose and we provide technical support for all your installs. There is no domain limit on support plans.

Note: Your online store and website will continue to operate even after the expiration of a purchased support plan (license).  We cannot and will not ever “shut down” a store. You host your own store and data and we have no access to it unless you temporarily provide us access for a support issue. The support plan simply gives you world-class 24/7 tech support and available direct assistance with all your Site Store Pro powered stores during the duration of the plan.

Purchase Payment Provider Plugin(s)

If you prefer to mostly support your install(s) yourself, you can purchase the payment provider (gateway) plugins you require from our online store for $20-40.
Direct technical support for plugin purchases is limited to installation of the plugin and plugin usage questions only. For complete installation support, please purchase a full support plan.

Develop Your Own Payment Plugin

If you are an experienced PHP programmer,  you can develop your own payment provider plugin using our Plugin Developer Guide or through a third party developer. Note: Custom developed payment plugins may affect the PCI-compliance status of the store. If you need more information on payment plugin development, please contact support.


For self-supported (free) installations and plugin-only purchases,  we include basic support through our public forums or via emails sent to

For the fastest response to support requests and direct assistance with your installs,  purchase one of our Priority Support Plans below. (Priority plan support requests are typically answered within 15 minutes 24 hours a day.)



PayPal Support Plan

Includes direct access to our support team, all PayPal related payment plugins included, free installation for unlimited installs and direct design integration assistance of the cart for two installs.

Support Plan Duration: 3 Years

One-Time Fee: $269.95

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Enterprise Support Plan

Includes direct access to our support techs, all PayPal and Direct Payment Processor Plugins (i.e., FirstData, Stripe, WorldPay, etc). Assistance configuring installations for full PCI compliance and configuration of your gateway settings and security. Unlimited installations and unlimited direct design integration assistance. Free plugin development, testing and installation for any payment provider, shipping provider and email list provider.

Support Plan Duration: 5 Years

One-Time Fee: $499.95

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Developer Support Plan

The Developer plan is intended for designers and developers who resell cart integrations and ecommerce service packages.  The Developer version includes all the features of the Paypal and Enterprise support plans plus direct support for your clients who are using Site Store Pro or WPCartPro on their website(s).

Support Plan Duration: 5 Years

One-Time Fee: $899.95

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The Site Store Pro support plans give you the best possible support, features and configuration assistance for your Site Store Pro installations. Site Store Pro Support plans (formerly called our “shopping cart licenses”) give you direct access via phone or 24/7 support tickets to our developers and support teams. Our support plans also give you free installation(s) of the shopping cart on your hosting account, free design integration assistance, direct assistance configuring your payment gateway plugin(s), shipping settings, discounts and more.  Support plans cover both the Site Store Pro Cart (Dreamweaver and Designer Versions) and the WPCartPro (WordPress) Shopping Cart Plugin. The support plans include all payment processor(s) for the specific plan type.



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