Bootstrap 5 Version Coming Soon

We are putting on the final touches on the next release of Site Store Pro that includes full Bootstrap 5 support.  The new version will still work with Bootstrap 3, your own custom non-Bootstrap dependent design or any WordPress theme, but it will also include the option of using Bootstrap 5 as the design framework for your mobile-first responsive designs. ( The following features will be included in the new cart release:
  • Bootstrap 5 Support
  • All MySQL tables will be InnoDB going forward (3 tables were MySAM for full-text search support on older MySQL versions)
  • Several new SEO features including some additional social media specific enhancements
  • Cart "Slide-In option" from side of screen
  • Inventory Feed File For Simple Integration Into P.O.S. Systems and Third Party Inventory Managers
  • New 2021 Dynamic Header Top Menu Plugin
  • New 2021 Dynamic Footer Plugin
  • Various Non-Critical Updates To Previous Full Cart Version.
We expect to post the public download of the 41st release version of Site Store Pro on September 20th. For the full release history of Site Store Pro, please visit :