Web Designer Shopping Cart

If you are a website designer, web developer or small business owner, the Site Store Pro Web Designer shopping cart is a powerful and secure e-commerce solution with complete design freedom.

The Site Store Pro Web Designer version is geared towards web-designers who use design-include files in their site structure and want an advanced cart that can be integrated easily into their custom layout.


Unlike hosted shopping carts, Site Store Pro does not limit you to a pre-defined set of design templates and can be integrated seamlessly into any site design. Using your preferred HTML editor such as Visual Studio Code, NotePad++ or Dreamweaver, you can quickly apply your custom site design to the included shopping cart files and launch your online store in record time!

Web Designer | Developer Note: If you are using Dreamweaver for your web design software and use .DWT files for your layout management, please download the Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Version which uses Dreamweaver template files for updating the general site design and layout instead of design include files.

What’s Included:

  • Complete Sample Store That Can Be Modified To Match Your Designs.
  • Tons of shopping cart features pre-coded, tested, proven and ready to run on your server.
  • Complete Web-Based Administration System To Manage The Store’s Products, Settings, Discounts, Shipping, Checkout, etc.

You are free to use any design environment you are comfortable with. We have no restrictions on how you edit the HTML (.php) files and skin them to your design.

View The Step-By-Step Integration Tutorial

Not at all! No programming experience is required. If you are familiar with editing HTML documents in any editor such as Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code, Atom or Notepad++, you can use Site Store Pro and launch your store.

All the advanced core shopping cart features and a complete web-based admin system have already been coded, tested and are included in the installation files. Unlike shopping cart add-ons that require you to ‘build’ the item pages, shopping cart display, checkout, etc…, Site Store Pro has already built, tested and certified all those elements for you.

You can focus on your site’s design and content and quickly launch an enterprise-level shopping cart skinned exactly with your design.

You first install the cart database, store files and admin area on your hosting account. (View install guide). Then you modify the files in the /store/, /myaccount/, /checkout/ and /pages/ folders to match your current design and post those files up to your hosting account. (View Design Integration Tutorial). Then you enter your products and store setting (discounts, emails, shipping, etc) via the web-based admin area and switch your store on for the public.

We have already created the core shopping cart pages with all the advanced e-commerce functionality for you. The installation comes with several folders such as /store/, /checkout/ and /myaccount/. Inside those folders are the shopping cart pages that are ready to be skinned with your specific website design.

The cart’s core features are dynamically loaded into your design layout using PHP include files embedded inside the specific cart pages.

After you have skinned the cart files with your design, you directly control what content gets loaded into the specific cart areas by turning features on and off inside the included web-based admin area.

The web-based administration system that comes with the cart allows you to manage your products, store settings, discounts, shipping, orders and customers. You only “skin” the included shopping cart files with your specific site design. The core functionality of the cart pages such as the product’s data, catalog configuration, checkout settings and all the rest of the store data setup are managed through the web-based admin system.

Once you post up the skinned shopping cart files that are located in the /store/, /checkout/, /myaccount/, and /pages/ folders to your hosting account, all content that loads inside the pages of those folders is managed through the web-based admin area. You may occasionally need to edit the CSS files that are associated with the cart files  to fine-tune the way the dynamic data loads on the pages, but the content (data) that is loaded in the cart files is all managed in the web-based admin that is hosted on your server.


Nope! You don’t pay any monthly fees or any per transaction fees to use our cart!

To support your online store however, we offer several different licensing options from self-supported installs which can be completely free to our premium support plans.

Download Site Store Pro today, test-drive the cart and even launch your online store with your own design on your own hosting account.

There is no obligation or payment required to use the Site Store Pro shopping cart on your website.

Absolutely, we include direct design integration with any of our paid support plans. If you simply need advice on integration, we include unlimited email (ticket) based support even with our free version.

Yes! Please see our turn-key online store packages for complete store setup and launch services.

Download the cart, install it on your hosting account, apply your website design, enter your products and store settings through the feature-packed admin area and start selling!

Site Store Pro has been a proven, stable and secure e-commerce solution for thousands of satisfied merchants since 2006. (See Release History Of The Cart)

Do you use Dreamweaver with .dwt template files in your site design? Check out our Dreamweaver shopping cart.

Don’t want to do the initial integration of the shopping cart into your site design? If you want to focus on your store setup and site content, we provide free design integration into your existing website with our paid support plans!