Site Store Pro Overview

Site Store Pro Overview

From small businesses selling only a few dozen items who need a turn-key online store to large vendors selling tens of thousands of items with complex shipping and discount requirements, Site Store Pro™ is the most flexible and cost-effective ecommerce and site builder solution.

Whether you need a powerful and secure shopping cart for an existing website, you want to build a brand new online store yourself or you need an experienced partner to help you create and launch your online business, Site Store Pro is your complete e-commerce provider.

Unlike hosted shopping cart solutions such as Shopify, Wix and SquareSpace,...
With Site Store Pro, you own your website and have complete control over how, what and where you sell.
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Are you currently using WordPress as your CMS or eCommerce platform?

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Are you tired of dealing with unreliable and unresponsive WordPress plugin support "teams" who blame the other provider's code when there is a issue?

Are you frustrated by continuous WordPress security issues and having critical site functions break after a WP update?

With Site Store Pro, you have direct, 24/7 support for your entire ecommerce site.
Site Store Pro is the powerful and SUPPORTED solution you've been searching for. 

If there is an issue,
we solve it. 

If you have a question,
we answer it.

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We support you 100% on your e-commerce journey!

From development to launch to live-store assistance or site management, Site Store Pro has been providing e-commerce solutions and industry-leading support since 2006!

What's included with Site Store Pro?

Site Store Pro comes with all the site tools and shopping cart features you need to sell everything from downloads to events to shippable products.

Site Store Pro includes a complete starter website (demo store) to help you learn the ecommerce application features quickly on your own server and apply it to your own business requirements. 

The powerful web-based e-commerce administration gives you real-time management of products, orders, customers, discounts, store settings and site content management.

Site Store Pro is installed on your own hosting account or server and you determine how, what and where you sell.

The Site Store Pro ecommerce system works seamlessly on all devices and can be easily integrated into any website design.  You can build and manage your entire site directly from the included CMS or you can integrate your site design with your favorite HTML editor... the choice is yours!

How Site Store Pro Works

Site Store Pro is installed on your hosting account, VPS or dedicated server.

Unlike hosted shopping carts or template-based "all-in-one" online solutions, with Site Store Pro, you have complete control of your data and how, what and where you sell. There are no design restrictions on your site appearance and the cart is fully customizable and expandable (unlike hosted shopping carts that are difficult or impossible to customize.)

Site Store Pro comes with a complete sample online store to help you quickly learn the application features and configure the store to match your unique business requirements.

Site Store Pro was created to integrate seamlessly into any existing website design layout. However, you are free to modify the included sample layout and use it as the basis for your entire website design.

If you have an existing custom designed site , Site Store Pro can easily be integrated into your current site to give you enterprise-class e-commerce features for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Site Store Pro has been used by thousands of online sellers since 2006! 

How Much Does Site Store Pro Cost?

There are no monthly fees or per transaction fees to use the shopping cart and you are free to host your website wherever you choose... no contracts, no selling limits!

Site Store Pro comes with a free version that includes PayPal Checkout and everything you need to start selling today.

If you need help installing the shopping cart, integrating your design, setting up a feature or marketing your online store, we have over 17 years of e-commerce solutions experience and are here to help you every step of the way! The free version even comes with unlimited ticket support.

If you require direct assistance with your online store, need additional payment processors not included in the free version and/or would like priority support, we have paid support plans available starting at $60 per year (Pricing)

Does Site Store Pro provide other services?

In addition to the development and maintenence of the Site Store Pro ecommerce application, we also provide full shopping cart customization services, custom programming projects, mobile app development, online store management and server administration contracts.

The majority of our customers use the free version of Site Store Pro but we have a large base of dedicated Site Store Pro customers who use the shopping cart as the foundation of their entire business and they provide a steady stream of programming and management projects.

The custom programming projects and support contracts allows us to continually develop new features for the cart and provide a free version for businesses who do need direct support or will generally self-support their cart installations. 

If you require a custom programming project or need help managing your online store, please contact [email protected] or you can request a quote directly from our parent company, AppZonio.

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