About Site Store Pro

Site Store Pro has been providing e-commerce solutions for small-businesses, non-profits and start-ups since 2006.

Appzonio, based in San Diego, CA, USA, manages the Site Store Pro eCommerce platform development and support. In addition to the Site Store Pro eCommerce solution, Appzonio also provides Site Store Pro install customization solutions, custom programming projects. mobile apps, business software solutions and technology consulting services.

Site Store Pro History

The original Site Store Pro code base was an ASP | MS SQL solution that was created by Kevin Rounsavelle in 2000.

The ASP | MS SQL version of the shopping cart was offered as an all-in-one site integration package called "eStore Pro" by eDirective from 2001 - 2005.

In October 2005, Site Store Pro, acquired the intellectual property rights and source code of the eDirective "eStore" software, added hundreds of new features, re-coded and re-branded it as Site Store Professional ASP (i.e. Site Store Pro ASP).

In 2006, the first release of the Site Store Professional as a self-installed shopping cart add-on solution was posted as a downloadable package. (Site Store Pro GEN 1)

In 2012, Site Store Pro released the first PHP/MySQL version of the Site Store Professional shopping cart. (Site Store Pro GEN 2)

In 2015, Site Store Pro released a new PHP cart solution which included external plugin support and API based code features. Site Store Professional was also dropped from all references and it was now only referred to as "Site Store Pro". (Site Store Pro GEN 3)

In October 2021, Appzonio, acquired and optimized the Site Store Pro code and now manages the Site Store Pro eCommerce platform development, download distributions and support infrastructure. 

In August 2023, Appzonio released the all, new 4th Generation of Site Store Pro which included a brand-new SPA (Single Page Application) Admin system, a full web-based site builder and tons of new front-end, ecommerce and CMS features.

There have been 46 release versions of Site Store Pro since the original public release in 2006. 

The most recent full version cart release of the Site Store Pro was January 5, 2024.

Shopping Cart Release - Version History