Company Information

Site Store Pro is based in San Diego, CA and in addition to providing industry leading support and custom solutions for the Site Store Pro shopping and WPCartPro shopping carts, also provides technology consulting services.

The Site Store Pro eCommerce system was originally offered as a site design and online store integration package called “eStore Pro” by eDirective.

The eStore Pro (Site Store Pro) shopping cart was created by Kevin Rounsavelle.  Kevin Rounsavelle developed the majority of the core shopping cart code including the catalog and item display, products search, base application security, secure checkout and digital on-demand (downloads) modules.

In October 2005, Site Store Pro, Inc. acquired the intellectual property rights and technology assets of the eDirective eStore shopping cart software, added dozens of new features and re-branded it as Site Store Professional (Site Store Pro). The first release and public download of the Site Store Pro shopping cart as a self-installed shopping cart solution was in January of 2006.

There have been 41 full release versions of Site Store Pro since the original public release in 2006. The most recent full version cart release of the Site Store Pro cart was October 9th, 2021. (Version History)



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