Site Store Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Will Site Store Pro work with my custom website design?

Yes, the Site Store Pro shopping cart can be applied to any site design. If you are a licensed support plan user, we will even install the cart on your hosting account (server) and integrate the cart into your site design for you. We do same day installs for our licensed users, 7 days a week.

Do you have a free trial of the shopping cart?

Yes, you can download the shopping cart software for free and test-drive all the features of the cart. The free cart download has all the same features and functionality as a licensed cart install with the exception that there are no payment providers such as PayPal, Square or Stripe activated in the free installation.

How much does Site Store Pro cost for a licensed version?

The shopping cart software download itself is free. However, there are no payment processor modules enabled in the free download. To accept live payments from customers from a provider such as PayPal, Square, Stripe or, you can either purchase a support plan (license), purchase a stand-alone payment provider plugin or develop your own payments plugin. Our support plans range from $49.95 to $899.95. Stand-alone payment provider plugins range from $10-$30.

What does the support plan (license) offer?

Our support plans range from 1-5 years in duration and during that time we provide direct assistance with your  shopping cart installation, complete website design integration with the cart as well as priority support on any issues you may have with your online store including creating discounts and promotions, setting up shipping providers and rules, configuring payment processors, resolving customer order problems, assisting with any hosting or website issues, etc. We are here with 24/7 expert advice on how to best setup and run your online business. The support plans also include payment provider plugins with your license purchase.

Am I required to purchase a license to run the shopping cart?

No, you can use the shopping cart as long as you want without a license. If you will not be accepting live payments , do not require a payment provider to be installed and/or you want to self-support your install, there are no requirements that you ever purchase a license.  However, if you want to accept live payments from customers and would like priority support for your installations, you can purchase a support plan anytime or a stand-alone payments plugin.

What are the hosting requirements for the shopping cart?

  • PHP 7.2 or Higher.  (PHP 7.4 or Higher Recommended)
  • Database : MySQL 5.6 or Higher
  • cURL enabled in PHP.
  • GD Image enabled in PHP.
  • PHP mail or access to SMTP mail server for outgoing store emails.
  • Min 75 MB Space Available For Store Files Installation. (300 MB Minimum Recommended)
  • Min 30 MB Available For MySQL Server Database. (100 MB Minimum Recommended)


How difficult is it to apply the Site Store Pro shopping cart to my website or WordPress site?

Integrating Site Store Pro is very simple and the cart installation and design integration can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. If you need help installing the cart, integrating with your site’s design or WP theme, configuring the store settings, adding your products or launching your online store, we can provide direct assistance with our paid support plans.

What are the differences between the three cart versions? (Dreamweaver, Web Designer and WordPress).

All three carts run the exact same framework and contain all the same e-commerce features and functionality. The only differences between the three versions is how you will be integrating the shopping cart (e-commerce system) into your website. The Dreamweaver version is designed for Adobe Dreamweaver and utilizes DWT template files for quick and simple design integration. The Designer version is for web-designers that want complete control of the design integration process. The WordPress version (WPCartPro) is a WordPress plugin cart that integrates directly into your existing WordPress site design (theme) seamlessly. Note: The WordPress version of the cart does not include some of the front-end design elements and CMS page editor capabilities of the stand-alone cart since those elements are handled by WordPress.

Why should I use a self-hosted shopping cart such as Site Store Pro instead of a hosted cart solution such as Shopify?

With Site Store Pro, you have complete control of your website design, e-commerce data and your costs. You own your data, can access it directly and do anything you want with it. You are not restricted by a hosted cart provider on how you operate your online business, what you sell and where you sell.  You can host your website and the shopping cart whenever you want, sell unlimited items and can customize it any way that you require. You can switch hosts / servers anytime, add new features and install the shopping cart on multiple websites for the same one-time fee. If your store has complex or proprietary feature requirements, the cart can be easily customized which is difficult or impossible on hosted cart solutions.

Where do I add products, manage my orders and customers, run reports and configure my online store settings?

The shopping cart comes with a full online administration system that is hosted on your server. All e-commerce features are controlled in real-time inside the admin area. The admin system has multiple security levels that can be assigned for specific store management tasks.

Is the Site Store Pro shopping cart PCI/DSS compliant?

Yes, the shopping cart application and all direct payment plugins have been certified by a third party auditor as fully PCI-DSS compliant and 100% secure.

Do I get the source code for the cart when downloading or purchasing?

Yes, 100% of the shopping cart source code is provided.  The shopping cart is installed on your hosting account or server and you have complete access and control over the code. There are no encrypted or obfuscated code modules or files. Furthermore,  you are free to customize the core cart code (if required).  We do not prevent or limit cart code customization. There is even a built-in admin feature to log any core cart customizations so you can continue to upgrade the cart with new release features even if you modify (customize) a core cart module or file. (Please note that if you decide to customize a PHP code module related to checkout, billing or customer management, you may affect the cart’s PCI compliance status since those modules are certified PCI-DSS compliant and secure. Design changes /  integration and front-end user experience customizations have no affect on PCI compliance however.)

Can I switch from one design environment such as a custom site design to WordPress later?

Yes, we are the only shopping cart system that can be used on either a custom designed website or WordPress site. You can switch between either design environment anytime and not lose any products data, customers, orders or store configuration settings.

How long has the cart been available?

The cart was originally released to the public in 2006 as Site Store Pro. The basic cart was available prior to that since 2001 under a different product name. Since 2006, there have been 41 FULL cart releases and 100s of interim code update releases. The cart has evolved from an ASP/MS SQL e-commerce system to a PHP/MySQL e-commerce system. The Site Store Pro shopping cart contains thousands of features and we are constantly adding new features and functionality to the downloads to keep up with and stay ahead of emerging e-commerce trends.  The most recent release of the shopping cart was October 8th, 2021. (View Release History)

Does Site Store Pro offer other services besides the shopping cart?

Yes, we provide full e-commerce solutions including website design services, custom application development, mobile apps and online marketing services. For a quote on site design, custom application development or online marketing, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-668-4196 for a free, no obligation consultation and quote.