Site Store Pro System Requirements

Site Store Pro Minimum System (Server/Hosting) Requirements:

  • PHP 8.0 or Higher. (PHP 8.1 or 8.2 Recommended)
  • Database : MySQL 5.6 Or Higher. (MySQL Server, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora-MySQL)
  • cURL enabled in PHP.
  • PHP mail or access to SMTP mail server for outgoing store emails.
  • Min 150 MB Space Available For Application Installation and Content Storage. (300 MB Minimum Recommended)

Adobe Dreamweaver Requirements (Optional)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or higher recommended. Installed on local machine.

Dreamweaver is not required to use Site Store Pro. 

Site Store Pro works with any third party HTML editor/program and you can also build your entire site online if you prefer. However Dreamweaver can be used to simplify and speed up website design integration with Dreamweaver Template (.DWT) support built into the Site Store Pro Dreamweaver eCommerce version.