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Design Firms | White Label eCommerce Platform

If you are a design firm who will be reselling 50 or more Site Store Pro client integrations per year, you are required to purchase a Design Firm License.

A design firm is considered to be a company (not an individual developer or designer) where multiple team members will be reselling and working on client integrations. Design firms with multiple employees reselling less than 50 integrations per year can purchase the developer license.

Note: if you are a design firm and purchased a Developer license prior to August 1st, 2023, you are exempt from the Design Firm License requirement (unless you require/want the additional benefits of the Design Firm Packages listed below).

Design Firm Plan Benefits

The White Label Developer | Design Firm License includes all the features of the Developer Support Plan (License) plus the following additional benefits:

  • Up to 10 Free Client Installs Per Month
  • Up to 3 Hours Of Free Customizations Per Month (Level 1 Plan)
  • Up to 5 Hours Of Free Customizations Per Month (Level 2 Plan)
  • 30% OFF All Custom Projects Above Included Free Customizations - NO LIMITS or MINIMUM
  • Up to 5 Re-usable Client Admin User Security Templates Per Month
  • Up to 5 Re-usable Client Install Skinning Templates Per Month
  • Client Install Chat Support Proxy 
  • Or.. Custom Client Chat Script Modification For Direct Support Chat Channel
  • Secure Remote API Access To Client Store Data For Internal Reporting & Application Health Monitoring

Design Firm Pricing

  • Design Firm - LEVEL 1 - Annual License - 50-100 Integrations Per Year : $1,250.00
  • Design Firm - LEVEL 2 - Annual License - 101-250 Integrations Per Year : $1,750.00

If you will be selling more than 250 integrations per year, please contact us for custom pricing.
  • Please note that you cannot resell the Site Store Pro Shopping Cart without bundling some type of value-added-service such a web-design, graphics work, site management, etc. This requirement applies to both the Developer and the Design Firm Licenses (Support Plans).

To purchase a Design Firm License, please submit the form below and we will contact you with a direct payment URL and details on setting up your firm benefits.
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