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Paid Licenses / Support Plans / Plugin Orders

If you have purchased a license, payment processor plugin or shopping cart support plan, please use our support ticket system for fastest response to questions. Support tickets are monitored 24/7. Please include your serial number or priority support code in all ticket submissions … OR… submit your ticket from the same email address as your original purchase so we can verify your priority status. You can also call us at 888-668-4196 for phone-based support (Press 2 at voice prompt).

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Free Cart Users

If you are using the shopping cart without a paid support plan or a payment processor plugin purchase, please use our Knowledge Base to search for answers and if you cannot locate your answer, please submit a support ticket. You may also email and we will answer it in the order it was received after priority support requests have been resolved.

Support inquires are answered in the following priority:

  1. Paid License | Support Users
  2. Paid Payment Processor Plugin Users
  3. Free Cart Users (Downloaded shopping cart but do not have a license/support plan.)
  4. Emails sent to :

Download Install Guide For Site Store Pro (PDF)

Download Install Guide For WP Cart Pro (PDF)

Download Site Store Pro User’s Guide  (PDF)

Download Site Store Pro Design Integration Guide (PDF)

Download the Plugin Developer Guide (PDF)

Download Online Store Pre-Launch Checklist (PDF)

Common Support Topic Links

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