30th Release Version Of Site Store Pro Posted Today

The 30th release of the cart was posted today with the following new features/fixes:
  • Added Default Support for Store Installation Load Balancing. (MySQL-database session management instead of PHP file based cart sessions.)
  • Added Streamlined Checkout Experience with Credit Card/PayPal/P.O. Selection (Billing Form) on Order Review Page.
  • Added Guest Checkout System that works with both download and/or shippable items.
  • Added Redeemed Item-Specific Coupon Code Value to Order Details Display Page in Admin Area.
  • Added additional compliance / error checks for recently specified XSS PCI Scan triggers in the core search module.
  • Added CDN & External URL support for product images and external URL (cloud) and Amazon S3 Expiring URLs support for order downloads.
  • Fixed issue where download and ship items set as 'ship only' would still offer download option under specific configuration/setup.
  • Fixed issue where STMP email send option was not authenticating on some installs.
  • Fixed issue where "quick cart" top bar could sporadically show incorrect subtotal on checkout "start" page before proceeding to order review where it was then displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue where USPS first-class would not appear on specific configurations.
  • Fixed issue on item display page where zoom image could not be disabled after uploading image file.
  • Fixed issue where regular price was not appearing when wholesale price was set on item details page.
  • Fixed issue where WYSIWYG editor was not showing up on the admin area discounts add/edit forms due to a Jquery conflict.