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All shopping cart download versions use the same, proven Site Store Pro eCommerce framework and you can switch between each design environment (version) anytime without losing any data or having to re-enter any product information or store configuration settings. More info

Download files last updated 11/12/2022. View Cart Version Release History.

If you have previously downloaded the shopping cart, you can download the latest version by simply clicking on the ‘Download’ link in your order confirmation email.

Purchase a payment plugins pack to expand your free shopping cart.

All shopping cart download versions include PayPal Checkout v2 to enable live credit/debit card payments and PayPal payments on your store.

If you need to use a different processor for your credit/debit payments such as Stripe, Square,, etc, you can either sign up for a paid support plan or purchase the ‘Payment Plugins Expansion Pack’ to enable additional payment processors on the free cart download.

The payments expansion pack includes Stripe, Square, AIM, FirstData Payeezy, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro and PayPal Express Payments.

(Additional payment processors are also available to paid support plan users and expansion pack purchasers. Please contact support if your payment provider is not included in the default expansion pack)

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