41st Release Of Site Store Pro Now Available For Download!

We have posted the next generation of Site Store Pro!

The 41st release version of Site Store Pro has been posted and is available for instant download.

Please note that this release contains some major structural design changes on the  store results, item view and checkout areas so it is advised to do a test-install prior to upgrading a current live site.  Upgrading to this new release will not affect your data and you will not lose any information or have any of your store settings or products information changed. However, your current site design integration and CSS rules may require some CSS fine-tuning to work 100% with the new core layouts.

If you need assistance creating a mirrored installation of your live online store with the new cart release, please contact support.

The 41st release contains the following features and enhancements:

  • Added “Quick View” Add-To-Cart Popup Modal Feature On Results Page For All Installations. (Can Turn On/Off From Admin Per Individual Item)
  • Added Completely New & Modernized Sample Store With More Information And Tips To Better Illustrate Cart Features.
  • Added Support For Bootstrap 5 On All Core Files Plus Sample Store.
  • Added Full-Width Category Image To Search Results & Moved h1 Search Title To Top Of Results Display.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text To Shopping Cart Display Page.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text to All Customer Account Management Forms.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text To Customer Registration Thank you page.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text To Password Reset Request Page.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text to Account Login Page.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text to Order Review Page.
  • Added Optional h1 Page Title Text to Order Confirmation (Completion) Page.
  • Added ON/OFF toggle to Guest Checkout Header Image.
  • Added Optional Stock Level Display On Item View Page.
  • Added Minified CSS Files & Added Dynamic Runtime File Check To Determine If Minified CSS Is Present.
  • Added Minified CSS Rules On All Plugins.
  • Updated Magic Zoom Product Image Viewer Plugin.
  • Updated Add-To-Cart Link Feature To Use Ajax Instead Of Curl To Support Proxies Such As Cloudflare Where Function Could Be Blocked By Their Firewalls.
  • Updated Cross-Selling Items To Display With Flexbox To Eliminate Text Wrapping Around Thumbnail Image.
  • Updated Shopping Cart Display Page So It Now Stacks Line Items On Small Mobile Devices. (No More Horizontal Scroll On Responsive Table)
  • Updated Designer Cart Download Store Files With New Simpler Design Includes Scheme To Simplify Design Integration And Modifications.
  • Updated Testimonials Display Page.
  • Updated Bootstrap Basic Search Plugin (Req. For Bootstrap5).
  • Updated CMS Display Page For Cleaner Formatting.
  • Updated Admin CMS Manager.
  • Updated TinyMCE in admin to version 5.9.2.
  • Updated SEO Links Manager To Automatically Include Optimized SEO-Friendly URL When Adding New Item.
  • Fixed Issue Where Discount Price Div Was Not Aligning Correctly On Specific Devices.
  • Fixed Issue Where Product Tab Links Were Causing Page Reload With Specific Jquery Ajax Conflict.
  • Fixed Issue Where The “Filters Button” Would Still Appear On Page Even Though Left Menu Was Disabled.
  • Included “Btn-Light” Css Class To Replace “Btn-Default” In site_store_pro_responsive.css (Req.For Bootstrap5)
  • Included “Qty-Button” To site_store_pro_product_view_responsive.css (Req.For Bootstrap5).
  • Included Dozens Of Usability Enhancements To Results, Item View And Checkout Areas.
  • Released New “Sliding Quick Cart’ Display Plugin For All API Versions Of The Cart.
  • Released New Dynamic Navigation Menu Plugin (2021 Top Navigation Plugin)
  • Released New Quick Cart Status Bar Plugin With Font-Awesome Support.
  • Released New Advanced Home Page Gallery System Plugin.

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