44th Release Version Of Site Store Pro Now Available

We have posted the new release of Site Store Pro!

The biggest new feature addition is that you can now embed plugin short codes directly inside CMS and product content.

All display elements (plugins) that could be displayed dynamically with the home page builder and/or by including a plugin's php display snippet code directly on the site page(s) can now be added inside of admin-managed (text-editor) content such as CMS content fields and product description fields by just copying and pasting the short code. (The same way WordPress plugin shortcodes work when editing a post or page) You can now add dynamic category listings, product grids, cart status displays and more directly in the online store admin text-editors.

You can also specify arguments in the display plugins to filter the plugin content for a specific data type. Example; you can filter the plugin item's grid display by product id(s), category id(s), sub-category id(s) or collection id(s). By including a filter and 1 or more record values, you can display a specific sub-set of records with the same plugin.

The following features are included in the new release:

  • New default (non-plugin) product image view system that contains similar features to the 3rd party Magic Zoom plus plugin.
  • New Plugins system with embedded CMS content and filtered records support.
  • New Testimonials Display Plugin with product-specific filter option.
  • Added Option to Include Additional Product's Media Above The Images Display. (i.e. for Product Videos, 360 Product Viewer, PDF Specs Sheet, etc)
  • Added Option for alternate SEO URL (slug) on main category.
  • Added Option To Hide Retail Pricing On Add To Cart Page (i.e. for items that only have a price once an option is selected)
  • Updated Testimonials Manager With Product Specific Content Fields.
  • Updated 2021 dynamic Navigation Menu plugin to allow custom CSS to override default color schemes.
  • Updated default primary button CSS to allow custom button CSS rule override.
  • Updated CMS page structure to remove default left/right padding and allow designers to specify exact content padding requirements via CSS.
  • Fixed issue where a jQuery ajax "popstate" function was generating a console error when changing thumbnail views under WordPress.

Click here to download the latest version of the cart or login to your account manager to download your paid support plan package which includes all the cart versions plus all payment plugins already included in the install folders.