Site Store Pro is not affected by the 3/21 data issue

We have been getting a lot of worried customer emails regarding the recent announcement from that they accidentally sent full credit card numbers back with some transactions on March 21, 2016. Rest assured, all versions of Site Store Pro are unaffected by this security/compliance issue. If you are using Site Store Pro with, your online store data is fine and requires no interaction or modification (even if you received the email from alerting you of the March 21st issue). Site Store Pro does not store any customer credit card or billing data under any circumstances. The only data that is stored from from a credit card transaction postback are the transaction status (approved, failed, pending, etc) and the transaction ID/approval code. The customer's credit card billing information is not captured on the post back. Note: Other shopping carts that are saving the last 4 digits of the card transaction from will be effected by this issue but Site Store Pro does not capture or store the "Account Number" field and has never stored it in any version of the cart. If you have other website(s) using a different shopping cart than Site Store Pro and are using, you should contact that shopping cart provider or your cart developer for more information. If you have any questions about the issue on March 21st, please reply to this message or contact your developer. More information on Site Store Pro, credit card storage and PCI compliance is available at: Sincerely, Site Store Pro Support