Back Me Up Pro - MySQL Edition Now Available For Download

  Back Me Up Pro - MySQL Edition is now available for purchase and instant download. The Back Me Up Pro – MySQL Edition Plugin will automatically backup your Site Store Pro or WP Cart Pro MySQL database and upload your backed up data to a cloud storage service for secure and reliable offsite data protection. The Back Me Up Pro - MySQL Editon plugin is the only solution that will also backup your store data transactionally so that you will not lose any data between full backups in case of a server crash.   Download Plugin User's Guide (PDF) Buy Now FAQS
Why does the Back-Me-Up Pro MySQL backup plugin work better than my current backup method or the database backups performed by my hosting provider?
The Back Me Up Pro – MySQL Edition is the only solution that will back up your online store database on both a FULL and transactional basis where you don’t have to install a very expensive backup program directly on the database server. Furthermore, most hosts only backup your database once or twice per day and all the data that is added or changed between those full backups would be lost if there was a server crash. Back-Me-Up Pro MySQL edition backs up and saves your data offsite securely in the cloud automatically between full backups to ensure that you don’t lose any important data such as new orders and customers.
What does my plugin license purchase include?
With your plugin purchase, we can provide direct assistance with your backup installation and setup, cloud account setups and 24/7 support for as long as you use the plugin. Upon request, we can even do a test restore on a development server to verify your backup integrity. Most importantly, we will also provide expert assistance in case you ever have a server/hosting crash or data corruption/accidental deletion that requires a full or partial database restore on your live server. Unlike our other paid plugins and shopping cart licenses, the Back-Me-Pro MySQL plugin purchase is a lifetime license and a one-time fee.
Can I download and install the plugin directly after purchase?
Yes, upon completion of your order, you can instantly download the plugin and install it on your server. If you need assistance installing or configuring your backups, simply submit a support ticket or email us at [email protected].
What if I don’t have an Amazon S3 or DropBox account to save my files in the cloud?
If you don’t have an Amazon AWS account, you can sign up for a free tier (trial) of Amazon AWS which gives you a free year with plenty of Amazon s3 storage. Dropbox has a free, basic account that includes 2GB of storage. The Dropbox basic account should have more than enough storage for most stores since you can simply auto-delete files older than a specific number of days to keep your storage inside the 2GB free limit.
Does the plugin backup my WordPress tables (for WPCartPro installs) or other custom and 3rd party tables in addition to the online store data?
The plugin backs up all tables and views in the database. Any new tables added to your database will be automatically backed up the next time the backup runs.
What is a differential backup?
A differential backup saves only changed data tables since the last FULL backup. Running differential backups (i.e the ORDERS backup feature) ensures that no data is lost between FULL backups. The Back-Me-Up Pro – MySQL differential backups can also be called transactional backups since they are triggered when specific transactions take place. (i.e. new orders, admin record inserts, etc)
Do I have to do anything after I set my database backup settings?
Usually not. However, it is recommended that you periodically check your cloud storage backup folder to make sure that your files are being saved to another location than your server. Also, you may want to periodically do a test restore of your backup file. (If you would like us to do a test restore of your backup file, that is included with your plugin purchase. The test restore will not affect your live site and would be done on a separate server.)
How do I restore my backup in case of a server crash, accidentally record deletion or other type of data disaster?
Data restoration methods vary based on the requirements of the restore (i.e FULL, Incremental, Partial, etc) and are out of the scope of a simple FAQ answer. However, with your plugin purchase we provide full support 24/7 to assist you in restoring your database either in FULL or partially in case of a corruption or loss of data.
How does the system automatically backup my database without a CRON job or scheduled task running on the server?
The system is triggered by site traffic hitting the website and/or admins logging into the /estore_admin/ area.
Will the backup trigger exactly on the scheduled hourly time?
Depending on your site traffic, your backup will trigger when users or search engine bots such as Google bot access your store pages. The auto backup will typically run very close to the number of hours since the last FULL backup. However, if it does not run exactly X number of hours since the last FULL backup, you are not losing any data since new data would have been backed up by the auto-differential backups.
How does the auto ORDERS backup feature work?
If turned on in the settings page, the system will automatically backup any changed tables including orders and customers when a order is placed on the website.
Can I increase the number of times a differential backup runs between full backups?
By default, the system will run a differential backup anytime a new record is created or edited in the admin (i.e. a new product is added) and/or when a new order is placed. If you would like to run differential backups more often, please contact support for instructions on adding a code snippet to your site to increase differential backup runs.
Why isn’t secure FTP an option for saving copies of the database backups?
1) Most users do not have access to a external (separate) FTP server to save the database backups and saving the files to the same server as where the site is hosted doesn’t add any additional data redundancy. 2) FTP transfers can be unreliable due to SSL/TLS connection issues and firewall settings. The included cloud storage options (S3 and Dropbox) are much more reliable, faster and available to a much broader range of users than a secure FTP option.
Is there a limit on the database size, number of tables or number of records that can be backed up?
There are no size restrictions or maximum number of tables or records. We have been running the same system on live production servers with databases containing millions of records and db sizes in excess of 4GB with no issues. Most Site Store Pro online stores have databases in size from only 80-300 MB so you will have no issues running it for your store backup requirements.
Can I backup my database to other cloud providers such as Google Drive or One Drive?
We may be adding additional cloud backup options in the future as a default plugin feature. If you need a different cloud option now or a custom archive location such as FTP to an alternate server, please contact support as we can do that as a custom modification (project).
Can I backup my site files in addition to my MySQL database with the Back-Me-Up Pro – MySQL Edition plugin?
The plugin only backs up your online store database. Your host and/or server administrator should be backing up your site files at least once per day. However, if you need a more robust backup solution for your files, we have our Back Me Up Pro Enterprise service which backs up both your files and multiple databases and is a fully managed service. Please contact support for more information on our Back Me Up Pro Enterprise service.
Why is this a paid (premium) plugin and not a built-in feature of the shopping cart?
Due to the 24/7 support provided with the plugin purchase, including not simply providing direct help in setting up your backups and cloud storage accounts/credentials, but more importantly, if needed, we will provide expert assistance for processing full or partial database restores in case you have a server/hosting crash or data corruption/accidental deletion. Therefore, the plugin is being sold as a paid add-on service to the cart not just a management ‘tool’.  
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