Designer | Creator Support Plan (Annual)

The Designer | Content Creator plan provides full priority, direct support for 1 Installation of Site Store Pro.You will be automatically assigned a priority support plan serial # when you complete your order. Your plan expires one year from date of purchase.

This plan is primarily geared for website designers or content creators who are directly responsible for creating the theme or layout of an ecommerce site for themselves, a client or their company.

.This plan includes 1 hour of remote training and/or application/site customization services. 

The plan includes FULL direct support including unlimited support tickets, phone and video call support. (For support questions and not specfiic training on topics). If required we will also access your server directly and/or do a screen-sharing session to remotely diagnose or assist in setup issues.

Discounted Custom Projects: If you ever need a custom programming or site customization project, your plan includes a discounted custom project rate of $60/hr (20% discount) for projects up to 3 hours and a 33% discount for projects above 3 hours.

Upon completion of your order, you will be able to instantly download a zip file that contains all ecommerce platform versions with the payments expansion pack already applied to enable processors such as Stripe, Square,, FirstData, PayPal Pro and PayPal Express payments,. Your download file also includes your priority support contact info and instructions.
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