Can additional features be added to my website (online store)?

There is no limit on the amount of customizations that can be applied to Site Store Pro enabled online stores.

The sample store is provided as a starting-point and contains the majority of features that most store owners will want to use with their shopping cart.

However, there are many features that are available with Site Store Pro but simply not enabled in the sample (demo) store. 

Other store enhancements such as advanced, multi-level (nested) menu systems can be easily applied to the store with some minor customization.

The Site Store Pro support team can provide you with guidance on if a specific feature is already included in the system or would require some customization to implement.  If you need assistance in implementing a feature that is not included in Site Store Pro, our developers can either assist you in the integration or can do the customization for a small fee.

If you have any questions on a feature that your store requires, please email [email protected] and our developers will let you know the best way to apply the specific customization to your website.

You also may want to checkout our customer examples to see how other user's have applied Site Store Pro to their website. The Site Store Pro customer examples are located at: