Brands Management

Product brands (manufacturers) give the customer specific criteria for finding items that match their shopping preference.  Brands are a global product feature and can be assigned to any item in the store.

The brands manager is accessed in the web-based admin by clicking on the ‘Products’ tab and then the ‘Manufacturers / Brands’ link on the left column menu.

A minimum of one (1) brand must be added, active and set to ‘Include in Menus’ at all times. 
(Note: Although at least one brand must be added and active in the system, it can be excluded from menu links and search form displays)

Brand(s) can be assigned to specific items in the product manager.

The direct URL for any brand can be viewed as the ‘Menu Link’. This URL can be used to build custom menu systems, ad banner links and email links.

You can test/view products that have been associated with a brand by clicking on the ‘View Store Display’ next to the Menu Link.

Below is a sample screen shot of the Brands management page. This page is accessed by clicking on a specific record on the brands list (landing) page. The Brands manager contains the current content of the record and contains links to update or remove the record.