Changing The Store Design Without Dreamweaver

For detailed information on Design Integration using an editor besides Dreamweaver, please read the Web Designer Version Integration Tutorial.:

Site Store Pro can be integrated into a website design using any WYSIWYG HTML Editor or even using a text-editor such as Notepad.

The design layout (look and feel) of the online store is controlled by modifying the html of specific .php pages as well as editing the .css files that format those pages.

The majority of the files that can be edited to change the design of the online store are located in the following four (4) installation folders:


As well as the root index (/index.php) file if you are not using a current /index.php as your site home page.

The rest of the files and folders in the Site Store Pro Installation should NOT BE EDITED and are for shopping cart operation only.

The following elements (content) are always required and should not be removed when modifying the editable (design-related) files listed in the next section:


1.     Any code located above the <html> page tag. This is the dynamic code that accesses the information in the Site Store Pro database.

2.     CSS files attached (linked) to the page between the <head> …</head>  tags. You can add additional CSS files to the page(s) but do not remove the existing CSS declarations.

3.     The content located in the main body of the page in the main_content_area div.

 Removal of any of these 4 sections (elements) may break the functionality of the specific page.