Do I get the source code for the cart when downloading or purchasing?

Yes, 100% of the shopping cart source code is provided. The shopping cart is installed on your hosting account or server and you have complete access and control over the code. There are no encrypted or obfuscated code modules or files.

Furthermore, you are free to customize the core cart code (if required). We do not prevent or limit cart code customization. There is even a built-in admin feature to log any core cart customizations so you can continue to upgrade the cart with new release features even if you modify (customize) a core cart module or file.

Please note that if you decide to customize a PHP code module related to checkout, billing or customer management, you may affect the cart’s PCI compliance status since those modules are certified PCI-DSS compliant and secure. Design changes / integration and front-end user experience customizations have no affect on PCI compliance however.