Does Site Store Pro have access to my online store data and do you track my store activities?

No, we have no access to your installation or store data nor do we track your online store activities in any manner.

We no longer require the cart to be activated with an email and serial number for use and therefore no data is sent to us when you install the cart on your server. We don't know where you are using the cart unless you submit your website's URL to us for a support ticket.

The only info we could see, if we knew your install's URL, is your front-end online store which is the same info anyone would see if they want to buy items from your website. (i.e /store/)

There is no also special "back door" access to your data or your admin area where we could get into your install if we knew your domain.

The only way we could see your back-end store data is if you grant us permission and provide the login credentials to access the install via FTP, RDP or cPanel for a support request such as a free installation or assistance with a cart feature setup. In any situation where we receive client login info for a direct support request, we flush the credentials from our ticket manager right after we resolve/complete the request.