Dynamic Top Navigation Bar

The dynamic top navigation bar that is included with the sample store is managed directly in the admin area under :

CMS > Top Navigation Bar
You can create unlimited new tabs, edit existing menu tabs, created custom nested menus on your navigation bar and link directly to either CMS (admin) managed pages or to hardcoded (custom) URLs.
All menu items can be sorted (positioned) anywhere on the navigation bar and there is not limit on the number of menu items that can be added.

We include several shortcut menu links in the default system to create nested categories > subcategory > collection drop-down menus, brands drop-downs, specials drop-downs as well as direct links to common site areas such as the site home page, shopping cart page and my account area.
The top navigation bar content is managed directly via the admin area but the appearance if the menu is controlled via CSS.
The CSS that controls the default top navigation system that is included with the sample store layout is in the following CSS files : /css/main_stylesheet_responsive.css

Note: You are not required to use the included dynamic top-navigation system with your website and/or online store.

However, we included the majority of the features in the dynamic menu system that most websites and online stores required.
If you want to replace the default navigation system with your own custom navigation bar, edit the following file:
Replace the php include file reference as highlighted in yellow below with your own custom menu HTML and it will be included on all store pages automatically.
<div id= "top_nav_area"> <?php require_once($dirpath. 'design_includes/' . $sspro_dynamic_top_nav_menu); // dynamic top nabsaition menu ?></div>
Any customization to the above file will not be replaced  or affected during a cart upgrade so you don't need to worry about modifying the default menu system and then losing your customization when you apply a new release upgrade to your install.