How do I configure the user registration form(s)?

The user registration form(s) content can be completely controlled through the web-based admin system. To access the registration forms manager, login to the web-based admin, click on Store Setup, then click on the link User Registration Configuration & Content (Retail | Wholesale) in the User Registration Setup section of the page. Once the page has loaded, you can click on the specific user registration type (Account Registration, Event Registration or Wholesale Account Registration) to configure the form fields and content for the specific registration page. Site Store Pro allows you to have 3 unique registration pages (Account, Event, Wholesale) so that you can customize each form to match the specific account registration type. Note: When you are configuring the Account or Wholesale registration pages, you can also configure the content that appears on the user's 'Update' profile page. With the Site Store Pro User Registration Management system, you can build out complex registration forms complete with questions, lists, check boxs, radio groups, required form elements and custom error messages. The Site Store Pro registration allows developers and design to create complete site registration systems using only the point and click interface and no custom programming. To "skin" the registration forms created through the Registration Content Manager, simply edit the css file: /css/site_store_pro_customer.css