If I purchase a support license, will it also cover any client I install the cart for?

Yes, your paid support plan covers any issues you or your clients have in regards to the shopping cart operation, store setup and configuration.

However, your support license does not cover any website issues that are not directly related to the cart operation. Example, if your client’s website is using a 3rd party contact form (i.e. not the one that is bundled in with the shopping cart CMS system) and they have an issue with that 3rd party component, that would not be covered by your support plan.

If you are a business support plan license holder, you can submit questions on any website related issue as long as it’s for your own website (not for a client) and we will try to advise you on solving issues even for 3rd party scripts and website add-ons that are not cart related.

Your client is free to submit support tickets on your behalf.  However we do not support your client’s on the free plan. If you require any type of support for your client’s shopping cart installations, you must purchase a paid support plan.

You may want to provide your client with your paid support license serial # so they can include that with their support inquiries for fastest response.