I'm trying to upload images or media files in the admin area but i keep receiving a permissions error?

You need to set the permissions on the upload directory(s) so that the images can be uploaded from the admin to the hosting account. Please follow the instructions below for your specific version:


The /store_content/ folder (and its subdirectories) are where all uploaded content for the online store including product images, category images, header, etc. is saved (stored). The /store_content/ folder must be given read/write permissions.

  • On Linux hosting accounts (servers): There usually are no special permission settings required to upload on Linux hosting accounts. However, on some Linux hosting accounts (servers), you may need to CHMOD 755 (recursive) the /store_content/ folder.  (Or set Read/Write/Delete permissions to the /store_content/ with propagate to child directories using your web hosting control panel ) If you have issues uploading on a Linux account, please contact support and we can check out your install.
  • On Windows IIS 7 or Higher Servers : You will need to set the permission for the IUSRS account to Read/Write/Delete (Modify)  for the /store_content/ folder.