Purchase Order - Pay By Check (Post Pay)

Site Store Pro includes a built-in pay-by-check (post pay) / purchase order solution.
By assigning a customer to be able to post-pay, they will be prompted with the option of sending a check later. If a customer chooses the post-pay option during checkout, the order will be marked as pending and no payment will be recorded. (The admin should enter the payment in the web-based admin under the order details once the payment is received)
To enable post-pay for a specific customer..
  • Login to your web-based admin
  • Locate the customers in the 'Customers' section.
  • Click 'Edit Profile'
  • Check box that says "Allow Purchase Order Payment"
  • Save your changes
To edit the pay-by-check / PO selection text that the customer sees during checkout, go to "Store Setup > Order Checkout Setup > Checkout Billing Options Configuration"
Note: a customer must be assigned the ability to post-pay.  If you need the ability to have all customers post-pay, including new customers, please contact support.