Set The Upload Folder Permissions On The Webserver

PHP | MySQL VERSION PERMISSIONS   The /store_content/ folder (and its subdirectories) are where all uploaded content for the online store including product images, category images, header, etc. is saved (stored). The /store_content/ folder must be given read/write permissions.   Most linux installs will not require any permissions to be set. If you experience problems when uploading content however...
  • On some Linux hosting accounts (servers), you may need to CHMOD 755 (recursive) the /store_content/ folder.  (Or set Read/Write Privileges to the /store_content/ with propagate to child directories using your web hosting control panel
Windows based servers usually will need to have upload folder permissions set as:
  • On Windows IIS 7 or Higher Servers : You will need to set the permission for the IUSR account to Read/Write/Delete (Modify)  for the /store_content/ folder.