Testing Your Email Server Setup (Store Generated Emails)

To verify that your installation is configured to send emails correctly from the online store, please follow the instructions below.

Site Store Pro PHP:

Click on the Email Tab in the web-based admin, and then click the "Test Email Configuration" menu link and follow the instructions on the page.

Site Store Pro ASP:

Click on the ‘Emails’ tab in the web-based admin system and then click on one of the email profiles listed on the page. (Example Tell-A-Friend…it doesn’t matter which one is used for testing.)

When the page loads, enter your email address in the field next to the text that reads Send A Test Message Of This Profile....Enter Your Email:” After you have entered your email, click on the ‘Send Test’ button.

If the email system is configured correctly, you will receive a message such as:

THE TEST MESSAGE WAS SENT TO: [email protected]

If you do not receive  “THE TEST MESSAGE WAS SENT TO:….” , or you receive a server error, then your SMTP server setup is incorrect.  If you do not receive the “confirmation” text, return to the SMTP configuration section above and verify that your STMP server configuration is correct.

If you cannot send test messages and need assistance configuring your SMTP server settings, please submit a support ticket online at