The menu links on my store are not working correctly and/or the product images are not loading in the store.

You need to set the Store URL and Checkout URL in the web-based admin to match your website's location online. SET STORE URL Login to the admin, click on Store Setup, and then Click : Store URL (Website Address) & Default Page Configuration Enter the domain name or IP address where you installed the Site Store Pro files in the field labeled ‘Website URL’. Do not include a trailing forward slash (/) when entering the URL of your store. If you copied the files to a subdirectory on your webserver, do not forget to include the subdirectory in the URL. For example, if you copied the files to a subdirectory called ‘teststore’ on the webserver located at, you would enter as the Website URL. SET CHECKOUT URL Click on Store Setup, then click on the ‘Checkout URL, SSL Settings & Payment Provider Selection’ under the ‘Order Checkout Setup’ section : The Checkout URL controls where the Site Store Pro application will look for the “Checkout “ AND “My Account” areas on your Site Store Pro enabled online store. When the website is “live”,  the Checkout URL field should contain your secure URL domain (i.e. https) When setting up your initial Site Store Pro installation, you may not have an SSL certificate available and/or may have installed the files into a subdirectory for testing. In these situations, simply enter the same URL that was entered as the Store (Website) URL. The Checkout URL can be changed when you receive your SSL certificate and/or if the site is copied from a subdirectory to “live” status in the root folder.