UPS Shipping Settings

UPS can be enabled for both domestic and international shipping rates. If the UPS is enabled, the application will query the UPS rate server with the total order weight and return the available rates based on the order’s shipping address or alternate shipping address distance from the shipping origin. Returned rates from UPS can be marked up to adjust from the returned rate(s) to the actual rate(s) that you will be paying to UPS to ship the package. (Mark up value is dollar-amount not percentage. Contact Site Store Pro support if you required % based markup.)

To use the UPS Rates & Service Selection API, you must register for UPS Online Tools account and get a UPS UserID, Password and a Developer’ Key. Register for an account here. Once you have registered and received your Developer’s Key, you will need to generate and XML Access Key.

After you have generated your XML Access Key, you will need to enter your UPS UserID, Password and XML Access Key in the UPS plugin in the "Plugins" area of the admin. You can also select which shipping methods you accept from UPS on the Plugin settings page.