Why does Site Store Pro include a CMS for front-end pages when it is a shopping cart for Dreamweaver and website page designers?

Site Store Pro comes with a built-in CMS system that allows you to create and and manage new general site pages in real-time through the admin.

With the included CMS page management system, a Site Store Pro powered website can be completely dynamic where all site content, not just the online store content, is managed through the web-based admin area.

However, your site's general content can also be completely static where all the content on pages such as "about us" and "contact us" is hardcoded HTML/CSS and created and posted using an editor such as Dreamweaver.


Your site's content management can be a hybrid of static content pages and dynamically generated CMS pages.

We included the CMS page generator and manager in June of 2014 after many developers and designers requested an easy way for their client's to create new pages and edit frequently updated content. (We also released a fully-dynamic home page system around the same time for the same reason. (Click here for a tutorial on modifying your home page with dynamic content).

Please note that using the included web-based CMS page manager system for general site pages is completely optional.

The shopping cart and online store operation are not tied into the CMS page manager system so you are free to manage all your site pages using your favorite HTML editor.