New PayPal Checkout v2 is now available as a plugin!

Accept credit and debit cards, PayPal payments, PayPal Pay Later, Venmo payments and more directly on your website without any PCI compliance burden! The new PayPal Checkout system is embedded on your checkout page so the customer never leaves your site regardless of how they are paying! Since all the payment information is handled by PayPal, you have zero PCI compliance burden even though the customer enters their payment info on your site! PayPal Checkout can be used as your only payments solution or in combination with your existing direct form payment providers such as or Payeezy* Replace your Paypal Standard or Paypal Express payments now with the new embedded PayPal Checkout integration and never lose a sale again due to the customer leaving your site to make their payment. If you have a PayPal business account or are using PayPal Standard or PayPal express, you can start using PayPal checkout instantly! There is no application process or approval from PayPal required to use PayPal Checkout. Get the plugin now at : Paypal Checkout for Dreamweaver   * If you are using a direct payment form from a credit card gateway such as along with PayPal Checkout, you will still need to pass PCI compliance. If you use PayPal Checkout as your only payments solution however, you will not have any PCI-DSS compliance responsibility.