New Version Of The Cart Posted On September 10th

The 34th release version of the Site Store Pro Shopping Cart was posted on September 10.
The following new features and updates are included in this release::
  • Fixed shopping cart buttons alignment issue (non-centering) on some browsers.
  • Fixed issue on quick display triggering mixed ssl content warning
  • Fixed issue on private store feature to prevent a redirect loop to account login page on specific Apache configurations.
  • Fixed issue in admin where customization log was not display all available files.
  • Fixed issue in admin where date range selector was not working for some reports due to Jquery error.
  • Added padding around shopping cart display area to fix display issues on specific mobile devices.
  • Added CSS Only Buttons Feature To Allow Non-Image based buttons for all forms and functions on front-end store files.
  • Added ability to turn breadcrumbs off on item details page directly from admin. (previous feature that had been removed)
  • Added new CSS formatting (media queries) to better display order review page on very small mobile devices
  • Updated Order Review Page With Enhanced Formatting for better device resizing and new embedded alternate shipping address form to fix issue with some touch devices.
  • Updated Account Login Page To Fix Some Minor Mobile Device Content Alignment Issues
  • Updated password reset form with responsive recaptcha display.
  • Updated design include files for easier customization. (added DIR_FILE for include references)
  • Updated web.config rules for SEO-mode to fix issue where specific IIS Servers with IIS Rewrite enabled were causing session loss in Chrome.
If you need assistance upgrading your installation(s) or have questions/concerns upgrading custom installs, please support a support ticket.For more information and instructions on upgrading your installs, please go here.