Site Store Pro Shopping Cart Plugins

Site Store Pro can be easily extended using free and paid plugins. Since the shopping cart uses the same core framework for both stand-alone websites running the Site Store Pro shoppng cart and Wordpress sites using the WPCartPro plugin, the same plugin can typically be used on both installation types.( If a plugin is only intended for use with Site Store Pro or WPCartPro and not both platforms, it will be stated in the product description.)

Note: Specific payment provider plugins are included with our paid support plans (cart licenses). If you already have a support plan, please check your downloads in your account manager for payment processor plugins before purchasing the processor as a stand-alone item. PayPal Support plans include all Paypal related plugins and Enterprise and Developer Support plans including ALL paid plugins for any payment processor.

Payment processor, shipping  providers and email plugins are always developed, tested and released for use on both install types (Site Store Pro or WPCartPro). (i.e. You can buy the plugin once and use it on both platforms)

If you are a designer or developer looking to create your own plugins for the cart, download the Site Store Pro Plugin Developer Guide for instructions and API specific information. We provide free assistance, testing and security auditing  for third party developer plugins. If you are interested in selling your custom developed plugins on this site, please contact [email protected]




Free And Paid Plugins