Site Store Pro is PHP 8.0 compatible!

Site Store Pro is now fully compatible with PHP version 8 as well as all PHP 7.x versions. As of December 3, 2020, we have updated the Dreamweaver, Designer and WordPress cart versions with the new PHP 8 code base.  Some major changes to the core shopping cart code, including a new email sending module, were required to achieve full compatibility with PHP 8 as well as PHP 7.4. Please note that due to documented security issues in older versions of PHP and to allow compatibility with newer PHP versions, the new shopping cart download files of Site Store Pro now have a minimum PHP version of  PHP 7.2. We highly recommend backing up both your /sitestorepro/ and /estore_admin/ folders plus do a full MySQL database backup prior to performing any type of cart version upgrade. FAQS;

How do I get the update?

Login to your Site Store Pro account and download your install (version). The new files are already in the “New Installation” folder for new installs and the “Upgrade” folder (to update current installs)... Or ... download a new copy of the cart framework here and then upload the contents of the /upgrade/ folder to your current install. (You must extract the contents of the downloaded zip file and then upload the contents "Upgrade" folder to your current install.) Am I required to upgrade my install now if I’m running a lower version of PHP? No, upgrading your install is not required at this time. However, if you want to run PHP 8, you will need to do a full update via the the current version download file(s) at Also, if you want to run PHP 7.4, we recommend performing the upgrade. Will the upgrade work on all previous Site Store Pro versions? The upgrade will only work on Site Store Pro versions that end with an “i”.  Example: 2.1905-i Will the upgrade affect my current site design? If you are running Site Store Pro version 2.1705 (may 2017) or higher, the upgrade will have no effect on your site design. If you are running a version prior to 2.1705 (may 2017), your store page layouts may be slightly modified due to CSS changes in the catalog results and checkout areas that were introduced in May 2017. If I have customized my core cart code files inside the /sitestorepro/ folder, can I apply the update? Most likely Yes. However, if you have a modified checkout system where the /sitestorepro/checkout/checkout_order_process_mysqli.php core cart file was modified and replaced with a custom version, you may have to manually update that file with the new email sending module references. If you need assistance or have questions about your install(s) upgrade compatibility, please contact support or submit a support ticket. If you need assistance upgrading your current live installations, please contact us.