Square and Stripe Payments Now Available As Instant Plugins!

Stripe and Square are now available as direct download payment plugins for the Site Store Pro shopping cart. Now you can self-install Stripe or Square as your primary payment processor on your Site Store Pro cart install(s) and turn them on instantly. Both of the new plugins also allow you to accept Paypal payments alongside your embedded Square or Stripe credit card payment form. (PayPal Express Payments Plugin Required ). The new Square and Stripe payment plugins work on both the stand-alone versions of the cart as well as the WordPress cart version. If you need want to purchase either Square or Stripe as the primary payment option for any of your installs, they are both on sale now for $15/each. Please note that in order to use either Square or Stripe as your shopping cart’s credit card processor, you must have an account setup at the respective company (SquareUp.com or Stripe.com). Once you have your payment account setup at Square or Stripe, you simply install your downloaded plugin to your store via FTP (instructions included in the plugin download file), enter your API payment credentials in your online store admin area and then switch the plugin on as your checkout payment provider. ( The API credentials are provided inside your Square or Stripe account dashboard.)             If you have any questions or need assistance installing or configuring your payments plugin, please email us at [email protected] or call 800-516-4771