The 33rd Version Of Site Store Pro Has Been Posted - Download It Now!

The 33rd release of the Site Store Pro has been posted and is now available for download in your account manager or for new trials or upgrading existing trial installs.
The following new and updated features are included in this release:
  • Added New Natural Language Search (MySQL Full-Text) For Products With Keyword(s) Relevance Ordering.
  • Added Optional CMS Content Search Feature That Displays Site Page Search Results Below The Product Results.
  • Added Feature To Include 3rd Party Search Provider Such As Google Site Search Directly From Admin Area Without Customization Any Files.
  • Added Feature That Will Automatically Disable Products From Search Results & Item View Page If Their Parent Brand Category, Subcategory Or Collection Are Turned Off In Admin. (Allows Batch Disabling Of Item Groups Without Having To Turn Off The Items Individually Or Perform A Batch SQL Query Against Products Table)
  • Added Option To Disable Store Starting Page ( /store/index.php). Many Stores Do Not Use That Page And Have Requested The Option To Turn If Off Via The Admin. (Customers Will Be Redirected To The Site Home Page If They Try To Access /Store/default.Php When It Is Turned Off)
  • Added "Private Store" Feature Where Merchant Can Turn Off Public Access To The Store And Force Registration And Verification Before Allowing Customer To See Any Content.
  • Added New Unlimited Custom Form Fields Manager On Order Review Page To Collect Order-Specific Information From The Customer That Is Not Collected On The Customer Registration Form Or Required For Orders Only or Guest Customers. (Entered Data Is Appended To The Order Comments.)
  • Updated Products Import Function To Automatically Index New Imported Products For Full-Text Keyword Search Feature.
  • Updated The "Go Direct To SKU" And "Go Direct To Single Results Item" As Optional Features In Search Module.
  • Updated Products Duplicator To Now Include Duplication Of Product Builder Selections.
  • Updated Alternate Shipping Address Form So Disabled Countries And Disabled States Now Won't Show Up On Alternate Shipping Form.
  • Updated Import/Export Products Link In Reports Area To Fix Missing The File Extension (.php)
  • Updated Products Search Module For Better Performance And More Accurate Results On Large Data Sets.
  • Fixed Issue Where CMS Contact Form Was Not Saving Multi-Checkbox Form Values To Form Submission Log.
  • Fixed Issue On Left Drill-Down Menu To Exclude Menu Records (List Items) That Were Marked To "Not Be Included In Menus" (Matches Functionality Of All Other Menus In System)
  • Fixed Issue Where The Item Search And Item View Page Setup Links On Mega Menu Drop-Down Were Directing Merchant To Store URL Setup Page Instead Of Correct Setup Pages.
  • Removed Help Admin System Keyword Search Bar From Bottom Menu In Responsive Admin Layout Since Merchants (Admins) Were Accidently Clicking On It To Update And Insert Forms.
For the full release history of the cart, click here