Update Posted - Site Store Pro Version 2.2206 - 42nd Release

A new version of the Site Store Pro shopping cart was posted on Saturday, June 25th and is now available for download. The 2.2206-i shopping cart release contains several enhancements, updates and fixes since the last full release in October 2021. Upgrade Instructions: As per all past releases of the cart, download your specific platform (Designer, Dreamweaver, or WordPress) and then simply upload the folders inside the “Upgrade” folder to your server.  (Do not upload any of the folders inside of  ‘New Installation’ to a live installation) Typically, any upgrade of the cart will not affect design/layout elements on a live installation. However, if you did not upgrade your installation with the OCTOBER 2021 MAJOR RELEASE, this upgrade may impact the layout and rendering of your search results and item view pages. Therefore, it is recommended that you do a test install of your live site design before rolling it out on a production website. (i.e make a copy of your website files and store data, create a new database and import your data into it, copy your files into a sub-directory, change the connection string to reflect the new temporary database and then upgrade the “mirrored” copy of your live site). Note: the upgrade will not affect your data in any way regardless of if you do a test install prior to upgrading your live site and your site will continue to operate even if there are small display anomalies after upgrading that required some CSS tweaking. The only thing that would be affected is the responsive rendering of some areas of the online store on specific devices. . Please note that you will need to add the following CSS rule to /css/site_store_pro_responsive.css for all version installations prior to October 8th 2021 for optimum responsive device compatibility: .content_container {display: flex; width: 100%; align-items: stretch;} If you need assistance upgrading your live install, please submit a support ticket. Below is a list of the new features, fixes and enhancements in the JUNE 2022 cart release:
  • Fixed issue where left nav open button was showing on dynamic home page on specific mobile devices when disabled.
  • Modified products search code (engine) to work more efficiently with MySQL 8.0 Full Text (Natural Language)
  • Updated All Admin Area TinyMCE Text Editors to Version 6.03
  • Updated CMS Editor Image Upload Module Code
  • Updated PayPal Checkout Payments Plugin
  • Updated Stripe Payment Plugin
  • Updated Constant Contact Mailing Plugin
  • Updated FedEx API Shipping Rates Plugin
  • Updated UPS Shipping Rates Plugin
  • Updated Magic Zoom Image Viewer Plugin
You can test-drive the latest version at: