Upgrading Past PHP Cart Installs To The New API Platform

If you are running a PHP version of Site Store Pro that was installed prior to January 12th, 2015 and would like to upgrade the installation to support the new plugin (API) based mysqli platform, we have posted an upgrade package (zip file) as well as a YouTube video explaining the entire upgrade process. Upgrading the previous PHP platform is required for optimum site security, easier cart updates and an expanded features list. Please note that when you upgrade the previous platform to the new API | mysqli framework, you will need to reskin your front-end store files and also setup any plugins to replace any payment providers, shipping providers and mailing list providers that you were using before the upgrade since the file structure, CSS and checkout and shipping code have completely changed in the new platform . If you are an current shopping cart license holder or support plan customer, you can download the plugins that replace the previous core cart code checkout, shipping and email providers directly from your account manager. As always, before attempting any type of upgrade, you should backup your site and MySQL database in case something goes wrong during the upgrade, you accidentally delete a folder, etc Download The API Cart Upgrade Package Watch The Upgrade Video Here on YouTube We highly recommend that if you upgrade a previous platform install to the new platform that you follow our launch guidelines document below prior to re-launching the upgraded store to the public: https://www.sitestorepro.com/kb/10-things-that-should-always-be-verified-before-launching/