Add Buy Now Links To Your Emails and Social Media!

You can now include "Buy Now" links and buttons in your emails, blogs, social media and website pages that will directly add the item to the customer's shopping cart. The new "Buy Now" feature generates a short URL with a randomly-generated ID value for your product. When clicked, the URL automatically adds the item to the customer's shopping cart and goes directly to checkout... completely bypassing the item-view page and the shopping cart display page. All items that do not require any user-selected options or personalization (i.e color, size, labeling, etc) can be sent as a direct add-to-cart ('Buy Now') link. This has been a very often requested custom add-on and it is now a standard shopping cart feature in all versions of the cart (Dreamweaver, Designer and WordPress). The 'Buy Now' feature is included on all new cart installs as of December 27, 2020 or you can upgrade your install with a stand-alone upgrade package. Adding this feature to your install as a stand-alone upgrade will not affect any other functionality nor will it affect your site design. However, your cart must be running 2.1605-i (May 2016) or higher in order to use the stand-alone upgrade. To upgrade your install, follow the link below and download the stand-alone upgrade package. After downloading the upgrade zip file, extract the folders inside and then copy the two folders (/sitestorepro/ and /estore_admin), up to your live install via FTP. After you have copied the folders up to your install, login to your admin, go to any item in your store's admin, scroll down to the bottom of the product details page and you will see a new section that includes the auto-generated short "Buy Now" URL as well as some example link code. Download Stand Alone Upgrade   If you need assistance upgrading your install or have questions about this new feature, please submit a support ticket or email [email protected].